The Fleet

Orkney Ferries operates 74 different point-to-point connections across its network, and there are more than 20,000 sailings each year. Find out more about our 9 ferries below.

MV Earl SigurdArrow-right
Outer North Isles Service
MV Earl ThorfinnArrow-right
Outer North Isles Service
MV VaragenArrow-right
Outer North Isles Service
MV Hoy HeadArrow-right
South Isles Service
MV GraemsayArrow-right
South Isles - Graemsay and Hoy (Moaness) Service
MV ShapinsayArrow-right
Inner Isles - Shapinsay Service & Rousay Egilsay Wyre Service
MV EynhallowArrow-right
Inner Isles - Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Service
MV ThorsvoeArrow-right
Inner Isles - Shapinsay Service/Relief Vessel
MV Nordic SeaArrow-right
Relief Vessel