Booking and Tickets

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    Do I need to book?

    We would advise all customers to book to avoid disappointment. If you have a booking and there is a disruption to the service, we will be in touch with you to make alternative arrangements. Bookings must be made at least 1 hour before departure.

    All bookings for non-account holders must be paid for prior to departure, payment can be taken online if you make an online booking, or by calling the team on 01856 872 044

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    Do you offer online bookings?

    Bookings can be made on our website for passengers, cars & pick-up trucks up to 5.5m and motorbikes. For all other bookings, please call 01856 872044

    Please do not use our online booking system for commercial vehicles, as vehicles may be refused travel if deck space is not available.

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    Do I get a paper ticket?

    We do not issue paper tickets. Customers booking online will receive an email confirmation, passengers booking over the phone can request a confirmation of booking, which will be forwarded via email.

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    Do you sell 'island hopper' tickets?

    We do not offer an island hopper service. During the summer months, we provide excursion sailings – these will be advertised on our website and via social media channels.

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    Am I entitled to a discount?

    The following groups receive discounted travel:

    Island Residents – discounted books of 50 tickets are available for residents who live permanently on Islands off the Orkney mainland. Tickets must be used within 365 days of the date of purchase.

    Island Residents over the age 65+ or with a disability can apply for a smart card via the Orkney Island Council transport team on 01856 873636

    Registered disabled passengers in possession of a blue badge and vehicles being used to carry registered disabled passengers qualify for concessionary rates.

    Juniors up to the age of 22 and in possession of a Young Scot card or other government issued ID, students in possession of a valid student card and senior citizens (63+) qualify for discounted passenger fares.

    Passengers in possession of a Scottish National Entitlement card with 'Eye' endorsement travel at the same rate as Registered Disabled Passengers.

    Infants under the age of 5 travel free of charge.

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    Can I get a refund?

    Refunds are available for travel cancelled at least 12 hours before the sailing time. When the office is closed, cancellation requests can be sent to

    Refunds are not available for books of 50 tickets, these are sold on a non-refundable basis.

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    Can I amend my booking?

    Bookings can be amended by calling our team on 01856 872 044. Online amendments coming soon.

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    Do I need photo ID?

    No, there is currently no requirement for this.

Arriving and Boarding


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    Unaccompanied Young Persons

    Any person under the age of twelve years must be accompanied by an adult whilst travelling on our vessels, an adult for these purposes being any person at least sixteen years old.

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    Can I smoke onboard the vessels?

    No. Smoking is not permitted on any of Orkney Ferries' vessels or in any of our premises.

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    Carriage of Unaccompanied Vehicles

    Should you wish to transport an unaccompanied vehicle on board Orkney Ferries vessels, you can do so provided yourself or another individual is available to board/discharge the vehicle as soon as the vessel arrives in port. Where Orkney Ferries staff are required to board/discharge your vehicle, you will be required to complete a disclaimer.

    Payment for travel can be made via your account where an account is held, or by making direct payment with the office staff at the time of booking. Multi-journey vouchers cannot be used as a method of payment as unaccompanied vehicles incur VAT charges.

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    What refreshment facilities are onboard the vessels?

    We have cafeteria facilities on our Outer North Isles Vessels, and we can take cash or card payments on board.

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    Where onboard vessels can I take my dog?

    Accompanied dogs other than trained assistance dogs are restricted to certain areas onboard. Dogs may be left in vehicles. Passengers leaving their dogs in cars will not be able to return to the vehicle deck during sailing.

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    Can I remain in my vehicle during the journey?

    Passengers are not permitted to remain in their vehicles during sailings. In exceptional circumstances a request can be made to remain in the vehicle, however permission to do so will only be granted at the discretion of the Master of the Vessel.

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    Do you have facilities for disabled passengers?

    Our vessels have facilities for disabled customers, this will vary depending on the route and vessel. Please contact our team for further information.

Cargo and Dangerous Goods

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