Published Timetables

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Conditions of Carriage

Possible Disruption to Westray Service

29/4/2016 09:10

Please be advised that due underwater operations between Rusk Holm and Faray, commencing 4 May 2016 for an estimated period of 10 days, there is a possibility of disruptions to arrival and departure times to and from Westray/Kirkwall. Up to date information regarding delays will be available on a daily basis.

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Graemsay Refit 2016

17/3/2016 16:35

Due to the annual refit of MV Graemsay which is expected to commence approximately 11th April and is expected to last appeoximately 2 weeks, the service to Graemsay and Hoy (Moaness) will be operated by MV Golden Mariana.

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Winter / Spring (2015 / 16)

28 September 2015 to 7 May 2016

Click the links below to view pdfs of our current Winter / Spring timetables.

The timetable below relates to our refit periods when only a reduced service can be provided.

The links in red denote timetables that are currently in operation.

Summer (2016)

8 May 2016 to 26 September 2016