Orkney Ferries News



By Ferry Services Manager

In an attempt to provide reasonably up to date information to communities in respect of vessels currently displaced from their normal routes, the detail given below is as accurate as it can be within the uncertainties posed by regulatory frameworks, sudden failures, projects originating outside Orkney and other factors beyond my control.

EYNHALLOW: Alongside in Kirkwall awaiting MCA confirmation of wheelhouse design as it relates to stability of the vessel. If approved, final design work will commence with the intention of renewing wheelhouse during docking in week commencing 6 April 2019.

The vessel may need to go back on REW route for one week late in February to facilitate further hydrogen work on the SHAPINSAY and will definitely be back on route (with the height restrictions still in place) in the week commencing 8 March when HOY HEAD goes to refit and SHAPINSAY resumes the Shapinsay route.

SHAPINSAY: Will remain on REW route as detailed above until EYNHALLOW returns to route.

THORSVOE: Will remain on Shapinsay route until HOY HEAD refit as detailed above.

GRAEMSAY: Port main engine failure means the vessel remains alongside in Stromness while Volvo Penta examines the Engine Control Unit to determine the root cause of the failure. An uncertified engine has been sourced from overseas and the MCA has been approached for clarity on certification. The defective engine is being investigated by a local contractor to establish cause of failure while working towards a rebuild of the engine.

Timescales are complicated by the ongoing work during the Outer North Isles vessels refits. It is intended to commence and installation of some kind in week commencing 20 January 2020. Setting to work, test, certification and operational trials are expected not to exceed two weeks.

GOLDEN MARIANA: Running on the Stromness Graemsay North Hoy route, with additional chartered in support for cargo runs when required. Cargo to be booked normally through the Shore Street office, although there may be some delay in gathering sufficient cargo to warrant a run.

KIRKWALL BAY: Chartered in to allow for the contract operator to continue services between Westray and Papay.

Should there be any significant changes to the above, updates will be posted here.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in promulgating this information. Events often overtake the ability to get effective communication to affected communities.