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MV Golden Mariana Update Wednesday 23rd August 2017

23/8/2017 12:00

The MV Golden Mariana is back into service with immediate effect.

M.V Golden Mariana Disruption - Wednesday 23rd August

23/8/2017 08:30

Due to technical problems the MV Golden Mariana have cancelled all sailing until further notice.

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M.V Gramesay Disruption - Wednesday 23rd August

23/8/2017 08:25

Due to the weather & tidal conditions the MV Graemsay have cancelled the 10am & 12noon sailings from Stromness to Moaness today. The Stromness to Graemsay sailings will be unaffected.

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Possible Disruption MV Gremsay to/from Moaness

22/8/2017 14:30

Due to forecasted strong winds for Wednesday 23rd August, the sailings by MV Graemsay to/from Moaness will be under review with possible cancellations. The Graemsay service will not be affected.

Saturday 26 August 2017 Rousay/Egilsay/Wyre Service

11/7/2017 11:25

Due to the Rousay Lap and also an event on Egilsay on the above date it is expected that there will be limited space available therefore all customers are advised to book in advance tel: 01856 751360.

Amendment to MV Graemsay Service - Friday 8 September 2017

6/7/2017 13:45

To enable residents from Graemsay to attend a Science Festival in Hoy on Friday 8th September, the scheduled MV Graemsay sailing departing Moaness at 22:00 will call into Graemsay first on the way back to Stromness.

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